A Stress Free Environment for Cats.

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Experience stress free cat grooming, cats only grooming and boarding. Show quality cat grooming by Certified Master Feline Groomer Carmen Craig.

Cat Grooming:

Feline Fabulous a Charlotte cat grooming and boarding facility specializes in professional  cat grooming by Certified Feline Master Groomer, Carmen Craig. The difference in our grooming services and the services currently available elsewhere are in the patented self contained drying system.

We use only the best shampoos, formulated to clean a cats greasy coat. Our groomers are trained and certified in the proper anatomy, health, handling techniques and equipment operation suited just for cats.

Feline Fabulous is an exclusive cats only Cat Grooming & boarding facility, where your fabulous feline can enjoy time away from home in a dog free, stress free environment. We are a small kennel where your cat will receive personalized attention. We provide them with toys to play with, a comfortable bed, treats and love.

Our cat boarding facility boasts 13 kitty condos ( no cages) where your cat can receive that personalized catering to their individual needs. There is someone on the premises 24 hours a day to care for your kitten. We provide midnight snacks, and any special request or needs you might have for your cat while boarding with us.

Our Cat Grooming History:

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Carmen Craig has over 30 years of pet grooming and related pet industry experience. As a graduate of the National Cat Groomers Institute of America, she became the first Certified Feline Master Groomer in the state of North Carolina.

Carmen realizes cats have been second to dogs in the grooming and boarding industry. She feels now is the time cats receive their due and at Feline Fabulous, cats rule! Her goal is to provide cats and their owners with a clean, professional, cats only boarding and grooming facility, found no where else in this area.

She has owned a mobile pet grooming service in Charlotte since 1996 and from that realized the need for a professional service for cats only. Feline Fabulous opened its doors on January 3rd, 2011 for discriminating cats and their owners.


Cat Grooming Announcements:

“Below is a cry for help, if you or anyone you know can give these cats a good home, please contact this lady from the information provided below.

Good morning Carmen,

I could really use your help rehoming my two cats, Janie and TeaCake due to my health (Lupus). This is very hard emotionally, but a necessity for my health as well as theirs.

They are 3.5 years old, spayed/neutered, and have their¬†shots. They are also litter box trained and are used to socializing (after they get used to you). They are also accustomed to and enjoy young children. Janie (golden eyes) is the mellow, fat one. She likes being cuddled and held. Her brother TeaCake (green eyes) is the playful, adventurous one. He doesn’t like being carried around as much as Janie, but he prefers sitting on your lap (or chest…or head…). They’ve been with us since they were 10 months old, and haven’t been around other pets with us, although they were around other cats as well as dogs when they were fostered prior to us.

I need to surrender them immediately (I just had surgery on Thursday and I’m about to restart chemotherapy). Please contact me at 704-840-8737 or email me at shanirashid@me.com

Best wishes,

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  I took my 2 cats here for grooming and boarding while I was moving it is such a nice clean environment with a friendly atmosphere.
Feline Fabulous Rating: 5 out of 5.
– Dustin G. – Charlotte NC



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