Cat Grooming Myths

Cat Grooming Myths & Misconceptions Cats groom themselves?–Cats DO NOT groom themselves, they lick themselves! The licking causes cats to ingests loose, shedding hair which in turn can cause hairballs, an unsightly mess to clean up and can be a potential health risk. The cats licking of it’s coat creates dander on the coat, you […]

How Cat Grooming is Done for Long & Short Haired Cats

[sharebox4 sharetext=”Share This Page”] [/sharebox4] Our Full Coat Grooms are the same for a long hair or short hair cat grooming. Nail trims are done first, then removal of LARGE, dirty mats. The bath is then given, which is the most vital part of the entire cat grooming process. Cats have excessively greasy skin and […]