Although Carmen is no longer involved in the daily operations and grooming she is proud and happy to have her families gentle hands taking care of all of Feline Fabulous’ clientele.

Carmen Craig

Carmen Craig


Carmen has 30 years in the pet grooming and boarding industry, operating a pet grooming shop in NYC, NY for 13 years and a mobile pet grooming service, in Charlotte since 1996. She started working as a veterinarian assistant in the late 70"s and is a dedicated individual with a passion for her profession. Carmen graduated from the Edwardian School of Pet Grooming in New Canaan, Ct. in the early 80‘s. As a member of the National Pet Groomer’s Association, she attends continuing education in the pet industry.


I have been a groomer for 30 years and take great care and pride in my work.

I was never comfortable grooming cats, they are dangerous and unpredictable, when grooming them. Cats have a unique sense of self preservation. As a cat groomer, it is just a matter of time until we are bitten or scratched. For some reason my end results on a cat grooming, the good cats, I was never satisfied with the finished look, so I did not groom cats.

On one of my continuing education classes I met Danelle German, founder and president of the National Cat Groomers Institute of America and a whole new world was opened to me, professional cat grooming. So I attended the National Cat Groomers Institute of America and graduated Certified Master Feline Groomer, the first one in the state of NC.

Danelle taught me how to groom cats properly and with a show worthy finish. I now saw the great need in Charlotte for a "cats only" grooming facility and Feline Fabulous came into existence.

Grooming has been my passion and now I feel good about our cat grooming results. We treat all cats as if they were my own. The grooming process with cats is very important, we provide a dog free environment, dogs will immediately put a cat on the defensive, we go by appointment, because the time on a cat groom is critical. Working quickly, thoroughly and efficiently, this will create the best condition for grooming cats. We here at Feline Fabulous want to educate you on whats best for you and your cat, explore your needs and see how we can best serve you.