Cat Grooming Myths

Cat Grooming Myths & Misconceptions

Cats groom themselves?–Cats DO NOT groom themselves, they lick themselves!

cat groomingThe licking causes cats to ingests loose, shedding hair which in turn can cause hairballs, an unsightly mess to clean up and can be a potential health risk. The cats licking of it’s coat creates dander on the coat, you pet your cat and dander is transferred onto your hand, then elsewhere. Dander is the cause of allergic reactions in humans. Cat grooming maintains more than just appearances.

The licking your cat does, does nothing to prevent matting, cleaning off dander or to get rid of unsightly dandruff. Licking does not clean waxy ears or gooey eyes, kill fleas or trim nails. Licking certainly does not wash away grease from the skin and coat. Only a thorough cat grooming can accomplish this.

Cats are greasy creatures and greasy cats become matted cats. As for water, most cats do not like a bath but will tolerate it enough to allow it to be done thoroughly, making a difference in the overall health and condition of your cats skin and coat. Cat grooming is recommended on a regular basis.

Signs your cat can benefit from a good cat grooming:

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  • 1. Long sharp claws tear at furniture, skin or get hung up in rugs
  • 2. Litter sticks to cats paws and gets everywhere
  • 3. Smells bad and has matts or dreadlocks
  • 4. Has waxy ears and matts around the ear area
  • 5. Smells like urine or gets fecal matter stuck to its hair
  • 6. Fleas
  • 7. A hairy cat that gets hot and lays on air conditioning vents
  • 8. Hairballs on floor
  • 9. Cat hair all over furniture and clothes
  • 10. Unsightly dandruff

[/red_arrow_list]Dander: dead skin cells and dried saliva flakes approximately 1/10 the size of dust mite. Dander contains an allergy-causing protein that is found primarily in cats saliva and on cat skin. It is accumulated over time as a cat licks itself. Dandruff: large flakes of dead skin that fall off usually due to lack of regular bathing or skin issues. Dandruff is visible to the naked eye and is easily treated if proper cat grooming is done on a regular basis.