Experience Inversion Stretches Your Whole Body Strengthens!

Total Cobra Inverted Stretch
Apart from improving your position, the Full Cobra Inverted Stretch will strengthen your spine, hips, and legs; stimulate the circulatory, digestive and lymphatic systems; energize the brain; and decrease stress! 1. Lie in your therapy table backrest, together with the rear of your mind resting on the mind padding. Bend your elbows and place your hands alongside your body close to the ribs.2. Exhale and press downward to your palms as you lengthen your back, and then squeeze the shoulder blades together, drawing them down toward your buttocks.3. Press on the tops of your toes and press on your tailbone down. Inhale, and as you press down your hands, lift your chest up.4. Keep your neck long, curling it to look upward. Hold for three to four breaths.Inverted Modified Locust StretchThe Inverted Modified Locust Stretch will help to energize the brain since it lengthens the spine and strengthens the legs, buttocks, shoulders and arms. It increases flexibility, tones the stomach wall, which assists digestion, and improves posture.1. Lie together with the rear of your head on the head padding of the table, in your table. Bend your elbows and place your palms alongside your body, in the low waist, just above your hip line.2. Keep your feet about hips width apart, and keep your shoulder blades drawn together and sliding down toward your buttocks.3. Inhale and lift your head, chest off the table as you press your pelvis and palms to the surface of the table and also the security manages respectively.4. Breathe and hold for three to five breaths, then slowly release.

Inverted Flying Locust
Helps to energize the brain; lengthen the backbone; and strengthen the legs, buttocks, shoulders and arms. Flying Locust will also increase flexibility, tone the stomach wall, assist digestion and enhance posture.1. Lie in your own inversion table, together with the rear of your mind resting on pillow or the mind padding. Place your arms alongside your body, along with your palms facing the ceiling.2. Maintain your shoulder blades, and keep your feet about hips width apart drawn together and sliding toward your buttocks. Bring your arms away from the body slightly so that they form “wings. “3. Inhale and lift your head, chest, arms, only slightly off the table backrest as you press your pelvis to the surface of the table.4. Breathe and hold for three to five breaths, then slowly release.


Bring your hands then push back and up to Nurturing Inverted Stretch.

Nurturing Inverted Stretch /Folded
This will alleviate head, chest and neck pain; open the pelvic floor in addition to the top and lower back and hips; and decrease stress.1. Bring the toes together and keep your knees together.2. Slide your hips back and break them firmly on table backrest, then gently lower your chest and break the back of your mind on the cushioning along with your arms folded alongside your own body.3. Relax and breathe.

Inverted Rabbit Stretch

Inverted Rabbit StretchPicture
Considered among the best inversion stretches around, the Hare or Rabbit elongate opens neck the whole spine and shoulders up. It’s a wonderful counter stretch to harder inverted backbending stretch , and it’ll also improve circulation, calm the nerves, and boost your complexion.1. Slide your head closer to your knees, letting the back of your mind rest on the inversion table head pillow or padding. Grab hold of your heels together with your hands.2. Pull into a compact pod shape, making sure your brow is as close to your knees as you can.3. On an inhale, lift your buttocks as you roll on the crown of your mind, and around via your back. Breathe into your neck and back and use the warmth of the breath to soften muscles.4. Hold for two to five breaths, then slowly rotate the table. Repeat three or two more times.


From Inverted Rabbit Stretch, reach on your heels, then change hips to fold legs and one side forward. Go over www.bestinversiontable.info in order to learn further details about what are inversion table.

Inverted Forward Fold
A elongate into Inverted Backbends, the heart massages and rests, calms tones the inner organs, the adrenal glands, triggers a sluggish liver, and improves digestion. It also stretches the spine, calves and hamstrings; calms the nervous system; and alleviates high blood pressure.1. Lie back on the table with your legs extended across the backrest, straight out. Move the fleshy part of your buttocks away from your resting bones and feel the link to your table backrest.2. Stretch your arms overhead, releasing some holdings. Reach through all ten fingers, sending electricity upward.3. Inhale and reach farther, lifting the rib cage off the midsection.4. As you fall exhale and hinge at the hips. Keep your spine and keep to extend through the fingers all the way down.5. When you round down can no longer hinge and discharge your arms, letting them break some portion of your legs. Some people will be able to hold on for their toes while others may only achieve their knees or shins. Know that wherever you’re exactly where you should be.

6. As you surrender to gravity and to the breath breathe and let go of stress. Hold for three to ten breaths, and then gradually rotate your inversion therapy table vertical.